To be honest, I have forgotten where I stumbled upon this photo, whether in or DTI; but I believe this is an interior of a Sushi restaurant in Sydney, Australia. When I saw this picture I immediately thought of the story of Jonah, a prophet in the Holy Bible who was swallowed by a big fish and was inside it for 3 days. To some, this interior might also remind them of a dinosaur’s hollow belly.

Nevertheless, be it a big fish or a gigantic creature from the Mesozoic Era, it still resembles the interior of a behemoth and the intricacy and workmanship of this structure is for the books. The concept of a sushi restaurant inside a rendering of  the belly of a whale is killer as well; because honestly, how else can one imbue a dish to the utmost than to consume it inside a place that embodies what one is eating?


– possible sources of photo: or desire to inspire or both 🙂


Sometime last year one of my travels took me to Scottsdale, AZ. The recently renovated Firesky Resort and Spa had a marble bathroom in my room and it felt refreshing to be inside of it. Fast forward to 2 months after; the destination was South Beach in Miami – to the also newly renovated Doubletree Hotel and I was yet again treated with a marble bathroom.

Marble bathrooms connect me with many things from the old, classic world to the current day loo and bath styles. Its cold temperature to me signifies that one should have privacy to the utmost while in the bathroom. Also, I think one would never go wrong with a Marble bath because the maintenance is minimal and it’s timeless appearance would not compel me to renovate to another sort (considering the cost, of course).

Shown above is a private marble bathroom belonging to some bloke in Manhattan. I am appreciative of this picture because my fixation with marble bathrooms proved that to have taste and to be utilitarian is the way to go with homes, particularly bathrooms.

– photo was featured in The Selby

Eat Out

October 23, 2010

Where I live, the temperature for the whole day this particular day will average at 76 degrees Fahrenheit. I see this photograph and I say, this is what it’s all about. Before the last semblance of summer is over for good, before the arthritis inducing chill of the winter, it would be beautiful to enjoy dinner on the grounds and it would be a treat to remember.

One final fling with your immediate surroundings, your barbecue grill, the blooms of your garden, fireflies, the sound of crickets, the green grass and the green leaves of your trees. For certain, it would be a quite a memory to look back to this winter and something to look forward next spring and summer.

-photo was featured in Desire to Inspire.

Waking up is hard to do…

October 23, 2010

On a Saturday, waking up before 8am is like a punishment; but alas, even if it is a designated day of not working, there are chores to be done and some commitments to be met.

Pictured here is my Señor who understandably is still in “somber-land” enjoying the friendly and hospitable sheets, pillows and the vintage bed. In about an hour, if he is still not up, I think I will understand…

-photo taken by me of the the Husband.

Why White?

October 23, 2010

Why indeed and why not? White reminds me of neatness, serenity and purity which are things I need for my house because life outside the 4 or so corners of my home can be demanding. A haven is what white interiors remind me of; walking about everywhere would seem like being in a perpetual spa or resort, supposing if I lived in this home shown above.

The other distinct appeal in this interior is the predominant use of wood which adds to the earthy appeal of this place. The streamlined intent, the exposed beams and the spaciousness are features to behold in a house I like.

– photo was featured in Desire to Inspire


Ce Lieu

October 23, 2010

Ce Lieu means  “This Place” in French.

As the title denotes, this blog will solely feature interior design, architecture,  structures,  furniture and the likes. Every entry  will feature a photograph of a room, house, garden et. al. which appeals to me and it will be accompanied by my commentary thereof. A simple format for someone who just adores beauty and creativity in an abode.

Admittedly, things here will only be for my own gratification but please feel free to chime in and give this blog a tumble if you so desire.

Among the inspirations of this blog are blogsites like Desire to Inspire, Pure Blog and Apartment Therapy; thanks to sites like those, the passion and interest I have for interior design takes flight and soars in this “island universe” of the blogosphere.

-photo taken by me at the New York  Met. Museum