November 27, 2010

I understand that some people will be appalled with this sterility. But as for me, if I woke up to this vision coming down from my bedroom, on to the kitchen to prep my work lunch and coffee to go; everyday would be a therapeutic day.

I love the asymmetry and the unpredictability of the house’s structure because it contrasts the white all around which many people take as boring. The minimalist attributes ties the whole ensemble and would everyday remind me to de-clutter, mentally and environmentally. Yes, if it were mine, I might put an accent piece or 2, but I dare say – this is like living somewhere where everyday – there is a sense of serenity and renewal, even if outside the door stands the guaranteed immediate chaos of the day.

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Future Kitchen Sink

November 26, 2010

I wanted to feature this sink despite it not being as spectacular or spacious as the ones that come custom-made with the spec houses built for single families these days. It got my curiosity because I imagine this is the kind of sink I will want in the home I will retire in. I am an expat living in what’s considered as a first-world country (for now), and a house built in the country I hail from for the purposes of having a second home or a retirement home is a goal of mine.  I imagine that said house which will be smaller in square-footage than my current home, will be concrete, angular asymmetrical(to trick my neuro pathways), rustic, modern and modest.

If the house would be to the specifications with every square feet – my vision (Lord-willing), this sink, which is deep, concrete and sturdy will be functional and practical in the kitchen I have in mind. The back splash on this kitchen leaves a lot to be imitated though. But all in all, what a great picture-find!


photo featured in DTI

The Hallway

November 21, 2010

Yes this is a hallway, but is it one to a bedroom or of an entrance. No matter, I love it because of its white palette which is always my weakness, and for the accents that tie the entire spot in the house together. The chandelier is very notable with ceramic or porcelain flower designs perhaps and it rounds up a very classic look. The monochromatic floral wall paper with the white background gives that feminine appearance and a homey feeling even when all I am doing is looking at this picture! The mirrors do make the room appear larger, grander and just all together lovely. White, monochromatic, floral and vintage, now that’s a hallway I would like to meander through everyday.


– photo was featured in DTI

Tree-d House

November 7, 2010

This must be the most unique house so far. Though I cannot imagine sleeping in it at night while the roots creep further and further inside my interior. I wonder if one day, the owner just woke up and said: “Honey, to give back to the beauty that nature gave us as our backyard, I will make nature a part of our house’s structure, because after all, one can never be too green!” And I muse to believe that the wife just said… “Are you crazy!”

In whatever manner the idea began for this unique house, it is indeed very notable and amusing to see a full-grown adult pine trees, a semblance of a pasture –  settle on a roof of a house. Are there still people living here? Is it safe? if so, whoever lives here must be really earthy folks.
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