December 22, 2010

It would be a waste of orbs if this picture will not be featured whist in the month of December here at Ce Lieu. The way the orbs are irregularly placed in this hallway and how the web appearance of the orbs’ design reflects from inside then all over the walls gives a very modern, artistic look and is cool in my book.

Loving whites, minimalist design, concrete and streamlined features in a home, this photo has made me admire how the designers and architects played with this space. With these orbs hanging all year-round, if this were my abode, it would be Christmas everyday!


photo may have been featured in fffound.com or DTI


Only in New York

December 12, 2010

This vision is paradoxical yet it exists. The mother of all urbanity contrasted with a farm. I love it.  As the old adage goes when one finds things they don’t necessarily find anywhere else while in the Big Apple  “Only in New York!” This farm is cultivated by a lady who is a champion for organic sources of nutrition around her neighborhood named Annie Novak and she and her farm make a lot of sense to me.

I like the conscientious aspect of all these and how it is giving me hope on making good with the vegetable garden I have been meaning to start and cultivate in my backyard as well.

– photo featured in The Selby

Winter Wonder House

December 4, 2010

Winter is upon the Northern Hemisphere. This scene is a thing of fascination and warm crispiness perhaps because I am only looking at it. However, I do love the look of the white branches as though filled with cotton.

This fusion modern and rustic structure has convinced me that if I lived in this house, the groundhog can see his shadow every February 2, if it wants. The stone walls and the tile roofing gives the house character and the glass conservatory extension is modernity in motion, and coupled with the postcard-picture winter backdrop. The whole ensemble truly turned cold to cool.

photo featured in Remodelista