In Search of a Mudroom

February 8, 2011

I have been dreaming about the perfect Mud Room on the account of our shoes, bags and coats being displaced on our dining area. I have proposed in my mind to convert our outside linen closet into one but my other half who is very consternate with changing things in the house, I am sure will not even hear the first word about it.

As I meander through DTI, I find this picture of a cloak room of a castle in Denmark. I can just imagine what organization and neatness there is in a house with this size of a Mud Room or cloakroom. Quite a vision here! As for me, I will just have to continue utlizing hanging hooks on the walls and piling up shoes on top of the other in the shoe closet to help keep the dreaded clutter at bay. No worries though, I still have it better than many other people in the world.