The Bok Tower

May 30, 2011

This was taken by a friend of mine named Robert Capuras; he is a well traveled bloke and he shared this photograph with me. I believe gardens are attached to this tower and as well as an aviary. The point of view and the capture both speak to me and I am happy to feature this here in Ce Lieu. 🙂


A Cavernous Retreat

May 27, 2011

If the house I will live in for the longest time in my life were to be built with my specifications; a unique feature such as this is the bonus I want. This will be my siesta cave and I imagine the insulation brought about by this concrete boudoir will allow me a satisfying afternoon retreat for sure.

On a rainy day, I see myself just hanging out here with a book, or music, enjoying the nature’s sounds, peace and bliss – God would afford me on those special days.  

Take a reverie with me if you will, to an idyllic afternoon with nothing in your mind. But just before you hit this boudoir, imagine a Saturday afternoon just right after having your perfect weekend lunch and your most preferred dessert. Then you are invited to help yourself with a nap in this vision of linen and lull; you are to relax and for a few hours – drift away to dreamland where there are no chores, no obligations and no worries. Stripped off of life’s complications and into this cool and comfortable minimalist’s boudoir.