Concrete & Large Windows…

September 21, 2011


What’s grand with this room is simple, and whats simple with this room¬† is made grand. Before I start sounding like The Sphinx in “Mystery Men'” may I say though that this place featured, does not have much ado with ornate furniture or accents because the enormity of this structure is all it needs.

This kitchen is really enviable!


Best Place To Look

June 17, 2011


If I lived in this apartment, would it even matter if I had the money or the desire to go out? maybe not! I will have the view and the interior made of my dreams here. The picture is of a place in Sweden, plucked out from the blogsite Nordic Design and I have fallen in love again; to an inanimate object albeit.

What is in here that swept me away? Serenity, spaciousness, wood, white, killer design, utilitarianism and like… a piece of heaven here on earth.

The Bok Tower

May 30, 2011

This was taken by a friend of mine named Robert Capuras; he is a well traveled bloke and he shared this photograph with me. I believe gardens are attached to this tower and as well as an aviary. The point of view and the capture both speak to me and I am happy to feature this here in Ce Lieu. ūüôā

Ce Lieu

October 23, 2010

Ce Lieu means¬† “This Place” in French.

As the title denotes, this blog will solely feature interior design, architecture,  structures,  furniture and the likes. Every entry  will feature a photograph of a room, house, garden et. al. which appeals to me and it will be accompanied by my commentary thereof. A simple format for someone who just adores beauty and creativity in an abode.

Admittedly, things here will only be for my own gratification but please feel free to chime in and give this blog a tumble if you so desire.

Among the inspirations of this blog are blogsites like Desire to Inspire, Pure Blog and Apartment Therapy; thanks to sites like those, the passion and interest I have for interior design takes flight and soars in this “island universe” of the blogosphere.

-photo taken by me at the New York  Met. Museum