Sometime last year one of my travels took me to Scottsdale, AZ. The recently renovated Firesky Resort and Spa had a marble bathroom in my room and it felt refreshing to be inside of it. Fast forward to 2 months after; the destination was South Beach in Miami – to the also newly renovated Doubletree Hotel and I was yet again treated with a marble bathroom.

Marble bathrooms connect me with many things from the old, classic world to the current day loo and bath styles. Its cold temperature to me signifies that one should have privacy to the utmost while in the bathroom. Also, I think one would never go wrong with a Marble bath because the maintenance is minimal and it’s timeless appearance would not compel me to renovate to another sort (considering the cost, of course).

Shown above is a private marble bathroom belonging to some bloke in Manhattan. I am appreciative of this picture because my fixation with marble bathrooms proved that to have taste and to be utilitarian is the way to go with homes, particularly bathrooms.

– photo was featured in The Selby