Take a reverie with me if you will, to an idyllic afternoon with nothing in your mind. But just before you hit this boudoir, imagine a Saturday afternoon just right after having your perfect weekend lunch and your most preferred dessert. Then you are invited to help yourself with a nap in this vision of linen and lull; you are to relax and for a few hours – drift away to dreamland where there are no chores, no obligations and no worries. Stripped off of life’s complications and into this cool and comfortable minimalist’s boudoir. 


A Very Smart Use of Iron

April 22, 2011

Saw this one in DTI and I thought : what a wonderful end product for ferrous metal. This bed is made beautiful because of the wrought iron headboard. Very vintage, classy, feminine, romantic too and it makes for a timeless decor. *Adding to the wish list!

A perfect vision of my dream bedroom! White, airy, spacious, beams, serene, minimal, king-sized bed, nature’s view, windows all around, simple accents, modern yet rustic. Please, oh please? may I?

The Hallway

November 21, 2010

Yes this is a hallway, but is it one to a bedroom or of an entrance. No matter, I love it because of its white palette which is always my weakness, and for the accents that tie the entire spot in the house together. The chandelier is very notable with ceramic or porcelain flower designs perhaps and it rounds up a very classic look. The monochromatic floral wall paper with the white background gives that feminine appearance and a homey feeling even when all I am doing is looking at this picture! The mirrors do make the room appear larger, grander and just all together lovely. White, monochromatic, floral and vintage, now that’s a hallway I would like to meander through everyday.


– photo was featured in DTI

Waking up is hard to do…

October 23, 2010

On a Saturday, waking up before 8am is like a punishment; but alas, even if it is a designated day of not working, there are chores to be done and some commitments to be met.

Pictured here is my Señor who understandably is still in “somber-land” enjoying the friendly and hospitable sheets, pillows and the vintage bed. In about an hour, if he is still not up, I think I will understand…

-photo taken by me of the the Husband.