This is a bit unusual for me to see how a Scandinavian or Victorian shed (or is it a gazebo?) can be connected to America’s all-time famous author; I rather thought his special place would be a cave. Regardless, the shed which is located in up-state New York appears to be open and roomy for a shed.  Our man Mark Twain may have needed solitude when writing, but perhaps the openness gave this author’s mind the ability to soar for the adventures Huck and Tom had to undertake.

Of the shed Mark Twain wrote to a friend – William Dean Howells, “It is a cozy nest and just room in it for a sofa, table, and three or four chairs, and when the storms sweep down the remote valley and the lighting flashes behind the hills beyond and the rain beats upon the roof over my head—imagine the luxury of it.

– From Re-Nest


I like this writing shed of the man who penned Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I understand he wrote many other stories and plays but CC&F is the most I know and enjoy of his works. The writer must have needed the solitary place for concentration, inspiration and to be uninhibited while writing and creating. The front roof framing even reminds me of melting chocolate; coincidence?

Mi Casa, Mi Casa!

March 5, 2011

Mi Casa! Mi Casa!

Pero, solo en mi sueños 😦

When I saw this photo of a concrete house nestled in the forest that was airy, open and modern; I thought this is what I want to live in for the rest of my life. Not such a large square-footage where my soon-to-be arthritic hands will not be able to clean all the nooks and corners, but with high ceilings to preclude claustrophobia, wood floors for easier cleaning and a capable kitchen. But wait, I need to see the bed and bath before I sign up. ;-).

In Search of a Mudroom

February 8, 2011

I have been dreaming about the perfect Mud Room on the account of our shoes, bags and coats being displaced on our dining area. I have proposed in my mind to convert our outside linen closet into one but my other half who is very consternate with changing things in the house, I am sure will not even hear the first word about it.

As I meander through DTI, I find this picture of a cloak room of a castle in Denmark. I can just imagine what organization and neatness there is in a house with this size of a Mud Room or cloakroom. Quite a vision here! As for me, I will just have to continue utlizing hanging hooks on the walls and piling up shoes on top of the other in the shoe closet to help keep the dreaded clutter at bay. No worries though, I still have it better than many other people in the world.


December 22, 2010

It would be a waste of orbs if this picture will not be featured whist in the month of December here at Ce Lieu. The way the orbs are irregularly placed in this hallway and how the web appearance of the orbs’ design reflects from inside then all over the walls gives a very modern, artistic look and is cool in my book.

Loving whites, minimalist design, concrete and streamlined features in a home, this photo has made me admire how the designers and architects played with this space. With these orbs hanging all year-round, if this were my abode, it would be Christmas everyday!


photo may have been featured in or DTI

Winter Wonder House

December 4, 2010

Winter is upon the Northern Hemisphere. This scene is a thing of fascination and warm crispiness perhaps because I am only looking at it. However, I do love the look of the white branches as though filled with cotton.

This fusion modern and rustic structure has convinced me that if I lived in this house, the groundhog can see his shadow every February 2, if it wants. The stone walls and the tile roofing gives the house character and the glass conservatory extension is modernity in motion, and coupled with the postcard-picture winter backdrop. The whole ensemble truly turned cold to cool.

photo featured in Remodelista


November 27, 2010

I understand that some people will be appalled with this sterility. But as for me, if I woke up to this vision coming down from my bedroom, on to the kitchen to prep my work lunch and coffee to go; everyday would be a therapeutic day.

I love the asymmetry and the unpredictability of the house’s structure because it contrasts the white all around which many people take as boring. The minimalist attributes ties the whole ensemble and would everyday remind me to de-clutter, mentally and environmentally. Yes, if it were mine, I might put an accent piece or 2, but I dare say – this is like living somewhere where everyday – there is a sense of serenity and renewal, even if outside the door stands the guaranteed immediate chaos of the day.

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