August 31, 2011

Just some tranquility today, please…



March 12, 2011

Last year, I promised myself never to take Spring and tulips for granted again. Though the pollen, the allergens and the undecided temperatures are the parts of the season which leaves it to be desired, I love the idea of flowers blooming, beautiful yards and the color green taking over the brown dried, frost-bitten tree branches. And oh, the outdoor activities from barbecues to beach picnics, the birds and the critters coming out of hibernation, yup, the sign of life.

The tulip has been my favorite flower because I am convinced that it’s the most beautiful flower of all which God made. This photo of a spot in a home is simple, but it tells me of things yet to come for Spring.

Mi Casa, Mi Casa!

March 5, 2011

Mi Casa! Mi Casa!

Pero, solo en mi sueños 😦

When I saw this photo of a concrete house nestled in the forest that was airy, open and modern; I thought this is what I want to live in for the rest of my life. Not such a large square-footage where my soon-to-be arthritic hands will not be able to clean all the nooks and corners, but with high ceilings to preclude claustrophobia, wood floors for easier cleaning and a capable kitchen. But wait, I need to see the bed and bath before I sign up. ;-).

Only in New York

December 12, 2010

This vision is paradoxical yet it exists. The mother of all urbanity contrasted with a farm. I love it.  As the old adage goes when one finds things they don’t necessarily find anywhere else while in the Big Apple  “Only in New York!” This farm is cultivated by a lady who is a champion for organic sources of nutrition around her neighborhood named Annie Novak and she and her farm make a lot of sense to me.

I like the conscientious aspect of all these and how it is giving me hope on making good with the vegetable garden I have been meaning to start and cultivate in my backyard as well.

– photo featured in The Selby

Winter Wonder House

December 4, 2010

Winter is upon the Northern Hemisphere. This scene is a thing of fascination and warm crispiness perhaps because I am only looking at it. However, I do love the look of the white branches as though filled with cotton.

This fusion modern and rustic structure has convinced me that if I lived in this house, the groundhog can see his shadow every February 2, if it wants. The stone walls and the tile roofing gives the house character and the glass conservatory extension is modernity in motion, and coupled with the postcard-picture winter backdrop. The whole ensemble truly turned cold to cool.

photo featured in Remodelista

Tree-d House

November 7, 2010

This must be the most unique house so far. Though I cannot imagine sleeping in it at night while the roots creep further and further inside my interior. I wonder if one day, the owner just woke up and said: “Honey, to give back to the beauty that nature gave us as our backyard, I will make nature a part of our house’s structure, because after all, one can never be too green!” And I muse to believe that the wife just said… “Are you crazy!”

In whatever manner the idea began for this unique house, it is indeed very notable and amusing to see a full-grown adult pine trees, a semblance of a pasture –  settle on a roof of a house. Are there still people living here? Is it safe? if so, whoever lives here must be really earthy folks.
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