To be honest, I have forgotten where I stumbled upon this photo, whether in or DTI; but I believe this is an interior of a Sushi restaurant in Sydney, Australia. When I saw this picture I immediately thought of the story of Jonah, a prophet in the Holy Bible who was swallowed by a big fish and was inside it for 3 days. To some, this interior might also remind them of a dinosaur’s hollow belly.

Nevertheless, be it a big fish or a gigantic creature from the Mesozoic Era, it still resembles the interior of a behemoth and the intricacy and workmanship of this structure is for the books. The concept of a sushi restaurant inside a rendering of  the belly of a whale is killer as well; because honestly, how else can one imbue a dish to the utmost than to consume it inside a place that embodies what one is eating?


– possible sources of photo: or desire to inspire or both 🙂