A Cavernous Retreat

May 27, 2011

If the house I will live in for the longest time in my life were to be built with my specifications; a unique feature such as this is the bonus I want. This will be my siesta cave and I imagine the insulation brought about by this concrete boudoir will allow me a satisfying afternoon retreat for sure.

On a rainy day, I see myself just hanging out here with a book, or music, enjoying the nature’s sounds, peace and bliss – God would afford me on those special days.  


Take a reverie with me if you will, to an idyllic afternoon with nothing in your mind. But just before you hit this boudoir, imagine a Saturday afternoon just right after having your perfect weekend lunch and your most preferred dessert. Then you are invited to help yourself with a nap in this vision of linen and lull; you are to relax and for a few hours – drift away to dreamland where there are no chores, no obligations and no worries. Stripped off of life’s complications and into this cool and comfortable minimalist’s boudoir. 

A Very Smart Use of Iron

April 22, 2011

Saw this one in DTI and I thought : what a wonderful end product for ferrous metal. This bed is made beautiful because of the wrought iron headboard. Very vintage, classy, feminine, romantic too and it makes for a timeless decor. *Adding to the wish list!

Side Street Scene

March 28, 2011

The proverbial bicycle and window photograph; but why is this special? Because it was taken by my male best friend while on a trip to Shanghai and it has classic and cool, subdued tones to it. This piece has a perspective worth studying, a universal subject, an honest point of view and it’s a photograph worth keeping.  Thanks Mon.

The Swedish

March 17, 2011

The Swedish dwellings have the tallest ceilings, whitest walls, widest rooms, the best interior layouts, the most character in interiors, unique-est fireplaces, most functional yet artistic furniture; the simplest yet fulfilling designs, airiest spaces, the biggest windows, AND… the greatest of houses in the world!! Can someone tell me how is this fair?

— photo from Desire to Inspire.


March 12, 2011

Last year, I promised myself never to take Spring and tulips for granted again. Though the pollen, the allergens and the undecided temperatures are the parts of the season which leaves it to be desired, I love the idea of flowers blooming, beautiful yards and the color green taking over the brown dried, frost-bitten tree branches. And oh, the outdoor activities from barbecues to beach picnics, the birds and the critters coming out of hibernation, yup, the sign of life.

The tulip has been my favorite flower because I am convinced that it’s the most beautiful flower of all which God made. This photo of a spot in a home is simple, but it tells me of things yet to come for Spring.

Reports on Virginia Woolf’s writing shed indicate that this workplace was not conducive for her writing; however, from the photograph above (obtained from The Guardian’s feature on the writer’s work shed), it looks rather peaceful, organized and if Woolf would have taken advantage of the nature view, it could have been a piece of real estate solitude. But who am I to opine? The poor woman – despite her literary talent was prone to periods of nervous breakdowns, deep depression and auditory hallucinations – to name a few. No wonder, even a functional and quite frankly, a pretty place such as this could not accommodate her needs.