Concrete & Large Windows…

September 21, 2011


What’s grand with this room is simple, and whats simple with this room  is made grand. Before I start sounding like The Sphinx in “Mystery Men'” may I say though that this place featured, does not have much ado with ornate furniture or accents because the enormity of this structure is all it needs.

This kitchen is really enviable!



December 22, 2010

It would be a waste of orbs if this picture will not be featured whist in the month of December here at Ce Lieu. The way the orbs are irregularly placed in this hallway and how the web appearance of the orbs’ design reflects from inside then all over the walls gives a very modern, artistic look and is cool in my book.

Loving whites, minimalist design, concrete and streamlined features in a home, this photo has made me admire how the designers and architects played with this space. With these orbs hanging all year-round, if this were my abode, it would be Christmas everyday!


photo may have been featured in or DTI

Future Kitchen Sink

November 26, 2010

I wanted to feature this sink despite it not being as spectacular or spacious as the ones that come custom-made with the spec houses built for single families these days. It got my curiosity because I imagine this is the kind of sink I will want in the home I will retire in. I am an expat living in what’s considered as a first-world country (for now), and a house built in the country I hail from for the purposes of having a second home or a retirement home is a goal of mine.  I imagine that said house which will be smaller in square-footage than my current home, will be concrete, angular asymmetrical(to trick my neuro pathways), rustic, modern and modest.

If the house would be to the specifications with every square feet – my vision (Lord-willing), this sink, which is deep, concrete and sturdy will be functional and practical in the kitchen I have in mind. The back splash on this kitchen leaves a lot to be imitated though. But all in all, what a great picture-find!


photo featured in DTI