White Overkill?

June 8, 2011

White Overkill? oh please blame me not for it; I just cannot figure our why I can’t get through white in terms of color (or lack thereof) in this stage I have for interior design. Of course it did not help that I just discovered Emma’s Design; a Scandinavian design blog which makes use of white like cake does with flour. 

Yes, this picture might as well be some sort of an art piece for white, modern interior design but what fun it would be just putting it all together, be it functional or not.


A Very Smart Use of Iron

April 22, 2011

Saw this one in DTI and I thought : what a wonderful end product for ferrous metal. This bed is made beautiful because of the wrought iron headboard. Very vintage, classy, feminine, romantic too and it makes for a timeless decor. *Adding to the wish list!

A perfect vision of my dream bedroom! White, airy, spacious, beams, serene, minimal, king-sized bed, nature’s view, windows all around, simple accents, modern yet rustic. Please, oh please? may I?

Ce Lieu

October 23, 2010

Ce Lieu means  “This Place” in French.

As the title denotes, this blog will solely feature interior design, architecture,  structures,  furniture and the likes. Every entry  will feature a photograph of a room, house, garden et. al. which appeals to me and it will be accompanied by my commentary thereof. A simple format for someone who just adores beauty and creativity in an abode.

Admittedly, things here will only be for my own gratification but please feel free to chime in and give this blog a tumble if you so desire.

Among the inspirations of this blog are blogsites like Desire to Inspire, Pure Blog and Apartment Therapy; thanks to sites like those, the passion and interest I have for interior design takes flight and soars in this “island universe” of the blogosphere.

-photo taken by me at the New York  Met. Museum