August 31, 2011

Just some tranquility today, please…


Best Place To Look

June 17, 2011


If I lived in this apartment, would it even matter if I had the money or the desire to go out? maybe not! I will have the view and the interior made of my dreams here. The picture is of a place in Sweden, plucked out from the blogsite Nordic Design and I have fallen in love again; to an inanimate object albeit.

What is in here that swept me away? Serenity, spaciousness, wood, white, killer design, utilitarianism and like… a piece of heaven here on earth.

A Cavernous Retreat

May 27, 2011

If the house I will live in for the longest time in my life were to be built with my specifications; a unique feature such as this is the bonus I want. This will be my siesta cave and I imagine the insulation brought about by this concrete boudoir will allow me a satisfying afternoon retreat for sure.

On a rainy day, I see myself just hanging out here with a book, or music, enjoying the nature’s sounds, peace and bliss – God would afford me on those special days.  

A perfect vision of my dream bedroom! White, airy, spacious, beams, serene, minimal, king-sized bed, nature’s view, windows all around, simple accents, modern yet rustic. Please, oh please? may I?

Only in New York

December 12, 2010

This vision is paradoxical yet it exists. The mother of all urbanity contrasted with a farm. I love it.  As the old adage goes when one finds things they don’t necessarily find anywhere else while in the Big Apple  “Only in New York!” This farm is cultivated by a lady who is a champion for organic sources of nutrition around her neighborhood named Annie Novak and she and her farm make a lot of sense to me.

I like the conscientious aspect of all these and how it is giving me hope on making good with the vegetable garden I have been meaning to start and cultivate in my backyard as well.

– photo featured in The Selby


November 27, 2010

I understand that some people will be appalled with this sterility. But as for me, if I woke up to this vision coming down from my bedroom, on to the kitchen to prep my work lunch and coffee to go; everyday would be a therapeutic day.

I love the asymmetry and the unpredictability of the house’s structure because it contrasts the white all around which many people take as boring. The minimalist attributes ties the whole ensemble and would everyday remind me to de-clutter, mentally and environmentally. Yes, if it were mine, I might put an accent piece or 2, but I dare say – this is like living somewhere where everyday – there is a sense of serenity and renewal, even if outside the door stands the guaranteed immediate chaos of the day.

photo source:

Sometime last year one of my travels took me to Scottsdale, AZ. The recently renovated Firesky Resort and Spa had a marble bathroom in my room and it felt refreshing to be inside of it. Fast forward to 2 months after; the destination was South Beach in Miami – to the also newly renovated Doubletree Hotel and I was yet again treated with a marble bathroom.

Marble bathrooms connect me with many things from the old, classic world to the current day loo and bath styles. Its cold temperature to me signifies that one should have privacy to the utmost while in the bathroom. Also, I think one would never go wrong with a Marble bath because the maintenance is minimal and it’s timeless appearance would not compel me to renovate to another sort (considering the cost, of course).

Shown above is a private marble bathroom belonging to some bloke in Manhattan. I am appreciative of this picture because my fixation with marble bathrooms proved that to have taste and to be utilitarian is the way to go with homes, particularly bathrooms.

– photo was featured in The Selby