August 13, 2011

The earthiness of this simple design is made memorable with the accent of beads by the window. I have an idea where I can find these sort of beads and the photo of this place – just got my creative juices flowing. Viva la beads!


Best Place To Look

June 17, 2011


If I lived in this apartment, would it even matter if I had the money or the desire to go out? maybe not! I will have the view and the interior made of my dreams here. The picture is of a place in Sweden, plucked out from the blogsite Nordic Design and I have fallen in love again; to an inanimate object albeit.

What is in here that swept me away? Serenity, spaciousness, wood, white, killer design, utilitarianism and like… a piece of heaven here on earth.

White Overkill?

June 8, 2011

White Overkill? oh please blame me not for it; I just cannot figure our why I can’t get through white in terms of color (or lack thereof) in this stage I have for interior design. Of course it did not help that I just discovered Emma’s Design; a Scandinavian design blog which makes use of white like cake does with flour. 

Yes, this picture might as well be some sort of an art piece for white, modern interior design but what fun it would be just putting it all together, be it functional or not.

A Cavernous Retreat

May 27, 2011

If the house I will live in for the longest time in my life were to be built with my specifications; a unique feature such as this is the bonus I want. This will be my siesta cave and I imagine the insulation brought about by this concrete boudoir will allow me a satisfying afternoon retreat for sure.

On a rainy day, I see myself just hanging out here with a book, or music, enjoying the nature’s sounds, peace and bliss – God would afford me on those special days.  

Take a reverie with me if you will, to an idyllic afternoon with nothing in your mind. But just before you hit this boudoir, imagine a Saturday afternoon just right after having your perfect weekend lunch and your most preferred dessert. Then you are invited to help yourself with a nap in this vision of linen and lull; you are to relax and for a few hours – drift away to dreamland where there are no chores, no obligations and no worries. Stripped off of life’s complications and into this cool and comfortable minimalist’s boudoir. 

The Swedish

March 17, 2011

The Swedish dwellings have the tallest ceilings, whitest walls, widest rooms, the best interior layouts, the most character in interiors, unique-est fireplaces, most functional yet artistic furniture; the simplest yet fulfilling designs, airiest spaces, the biggest windows, AND… the greatest of houses in the world!! Can someone tell me how is this fair?

— photo from Desire to Inspire.

In Search of a Mudroom

February 8, 2011

I have been dreaming about the perfect Mud Room on the account of our shoes, bags and coats being displaced on our dining area. I have proposed in my mind to convert our outside linen closet into one but my other half who is very consternate with changing things in the house, I am sure will not even hear the first word about it.

As I meander through DTI, I find this picture of a cloak room of a castle in Denmark. I can just imagine what organization and neatness there is in a house with this size of a Mud Room or cloakroom. Quite a vision here! As for me, I will just have to continue utlizing hanging hooks on the walls and piling up shoes on top of the other in the shoe closet to help keep the dreaded clutter at bay. No worries though, I still have it better than many other people in the world.