Best Place To Look

June 17, 2011


If I lived in this apartment, would it even matter if I had the money or the desire to go out? maybe not! I will have the view and the interior made of my dreams here. The picture is of a place in Sweden, plucked out from the blogsite Nordic Design and I have fallen in love again; to an inanimate object albeit.

What is in here that swept me away? Serenity, spaciousness, wood, white, killer design, utilitarianism and like… a piece of heaven here on earth.


The Swedish

March 17, 2011

The Swedish dwellings have the tallest ceilings, whitest walls, widest rooms, the best interior layouts, the most character in interiors, unique-est fireplaces, most functional yet artistic furniture; the simplest yet fulfilling designs, airiest spaces, the biggest windows, AND… the greatest of houses in the world!! Can someone tell me how is this fair?

— photo from Desire to Inspire.

Mi Casa, Mi Casa!

March 5, 2011

Mi Casa! Mi Casa!

Pero, solo en mi sueños 😦

When I saw this photo of a concrete house nestled in the forest that was airy, open and modern; I thought this is what I want to live in for the rest of my life. Not such a large square-footage where my soon-to-be arthritic hands will not be able to clean all the nooks and corners, but with high ceilings to preclude claustrophobia, wood floors for easier cleaning and a capable kitchen. But wait, I need to see the bed and bath before I sign up. ;-).

The Hallway

November 21, 2010

Yes this is a hallway, but is it one to a bedroom or of an entrance. No matter, I love it because of its white palette which is always my weakness, and for the accents that tie the entire spot in the house together. The chandelier is very notable with ceramic or porcelain flower designs perhaps and it rounds up a very classic look. The monochromatic floral wall paper with the white background gives that feminine appearance and a homey feeling even when all I am doing is looking at this picture! The mirrors do make the room appear larger, grander and just all together lovely. White, monochromatic, floral and vintage, now that’s a hallway I would like to meander through everyday.


– photo was featured in DTI

Why White?

October 23, 2010

Why indeed and why not? White reminds me of neatness, serenity and purity which are things I need for my house because life outside the 4 or so corners of my home can be demanding. A haven is what white interiors remind me of; walking about everywhere would seem like being in a perpetual spa or resort, supposing if I lived in this home shown above.

The other distinct appeal in this interior is the predominant use of wood which adds to the earthy appeal of this place. The streamlined intent, the exposed beams and the spaciousness are features to behold in a house I like.

– photo was featured in Desire to Inspire